Welcome to Kaly.im!

A free and unique hosted Unified Communication platform at your fingertip

Kaly is your day to day personal assistant that provides you with direct interactions to the MyOwn Telco platform. Kaly will respond to interactive chat queries and help you making calls using your contact names, do call-backs, show you who is calling, provide you with your account balance and much more...she can even tell you the current temperature!


(09:51:02) Kaly: Hello John! And please don't forget to tell me 'bye' when you leave!
(09:51:22) John: Show my numbers
(09:51:23) Kaly: Your numbers are 5143121212 / 552125456500
(09:51:42) John: who called me
(09:51:42) Kaly: Last call was from Mary at 8h15
(09:51:57) John: what is the temperature
(09:51:58) Kaly: Current temperature is 18 C / 83% humidity / 19 km/h winds
(09:52:08) John: how are you
(09:52:08) Kaly: Now that you are asking, I am fine John! yourself?
(09:52:21) John: show my balance
(09:52:21) Kaly: Your balance is only $1.58. You may want to replenish it now: http://www.myownaccount.net
(09:52:33) John: what time is it
(09:52:34) Kaly: It's now 9h52
(09:52:57) John: call Mary
(09:52:57) Kaly: Dialing...
(09:55:24) John: call Pizzahut from Office
(09:55:50) Kaly: Sorry, but I couldn't find 'Pizzahut' within your contacts...
(09:56:50) John: call 15143101010 from Office
(09:56:51) Kaly: Dialing...

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